Compensation Accounts

Monthly Reports Management to Central Bank (BANREP)

Preparation and electronic transmission of Form No. 10 “Registration, Movement Report and/or Cancellation Compensation Account" according to exchange regulations.

Quarterly Reports Management to Tax ID Autority, DIAN.

Preparation and transmission of the exogenous exchange report for Tax ID Autority, DIAN, complying with the regulations that govern the creation of Xml files that must be transmitted by computer services, avoiding sanctions from the institution that controls them.


· We audit your operations, validating compliance of exchange regulations.

· We indicate the documents requested by the control entities during the visits.

· We indicate the correct preparation and preservation of record files according to the type of operation.

· We correct operations made incorrectly, avoiding sanctions from control entities.


Group or Individual Training on Compensation Accounts to promote the correct application of regulations related to compensation accounts, as well as their sanctioning regime.

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