Foreign exchange advisory for operations in foreign currency

Aid in the Presentation of Operations for the Correct Introduction to Colombian Banks

In accordance with the provisions of External Resolution No. 1 of 2018 of the Board of Directors of the Banco de la República and other regulations that modify or add to it, residents and non-residents who channel through the foreign exchange market in any of the operations of change defined in Article 1 of Decree 1735 of 1993 must submit a declaration of change in the terms provided in this regulation.

Leave the correct structuring of exchange operations in the hands of an expert.


Management of preventive audits for transactions processed with the Colombian Bank (IMC) and through compensation accounts:

· Detailed analysis of guidance operations to prepare and preserve files

· Corrective actions for poorly presented operations

Business training

· Group or Individual Business Training according to the role exercised in the company.

· Permanent update in exchange regime: Law 9 of 1993, Res. 1 of 2018 JDBR, DCIN 83 of 2018 JDBR, Decree 1068 of 2016 (Decree 119 of 2017), Decree 2245 Sanctioning Regime.

Advice on Comex products

· Import and Export Letters of Credit
· Import and Export Collections
· Exportation Pre-financing
· Working Capital Lines
· Financed Import and Export Bills
· Anticipated Financed Import and Export Bills
· Direct Import and Export Bills
· Anticipated Direct Import and Export Bills
· Bancoldex and Findeter Rediscount Lines
· Securities, Guarantees and Stand-by

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